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What Students Are Saying About My Teaching:

Mohit Bagla

MBA Finance

"You built my concept in subjects like Accounts, Economics, Commerce and Business Studies. Presently, these subjects help me earn my bread and butter.

Your approach to teaching, your passion in the subjects that you teach and your one on one attention to students lead me to recommend you as a teacher to friends and acquaintances very highly."

Snigdha Mukherjee

Ranked 2nd in Calcutta University

"I was on the verge of opting for an alternative subject in place of Economics when I went to take classes from you and thought of giving the subject one last try. In my entire life so far, this was the most right decision which I took, because this decision changed my entire course of life.​"

Soham Kumar Paul

Msc. Applied Economics, Presidency University

"Siraj Bardhan is a great teacher of the subject of Economics. He has elaborate knowledge in the sectors of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance and Development. He guided me throughout my study in Economics, from the early days of Intermediate level to some papers in Post Graduation.​"

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