Long 20 years experience in teaching, especially in the field of Economics, my name is Siraj Bardhan and I teach economics in graduation and in post graduation levels of different universities.

Besides economics, I also give coaching on financial management, financial market operations, business communications, accountancy etc. for my MBA students.

My skills include Tutoring, Lesson Planning, Research, History, Business Communications, Administration etc.

My students have become toppers in different universities like Calcutta University, Presidency University etc, especially in the area of economics, a feat I am really proud of.

Currently I have more than 700 students taking economics & finance coaching from me in my private class.

Looking back, I feel really fulfilling to have taught more than 6000 students of all levels in my career, through my offline classroom coaching program.

But life was not so satisfying when I used to be in the Corporate World, getting throttled day in and day out. I worked as a factory manager for long 18 years under a public limited company, before starting my career as an Economics & Finance Teacher. That’s a long story about how and why I delved into this teaching profession, which became my passion and life.

I will tell you one day 🙂

In my spare time, I watch movies and listen to music (the two things which give me inner peace) and if I still have some time left, I get back to either studying or making notes on economics for my students (sorry, I cannot live that without).