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Soham Kumar Paul

Soham completed MSc in Applied Economics from Presidency University

”I would highly recommend Siraj Bardhan as a teacher of Economics because his teachings enormously helped me to grasp the subject and broaden my views as a rational person.”

Snigdha ranked 2nd in Economics Honors from Calcutta University

“Whatever little I have been able to achieve in life is the outcome of taking your classes. Be it my major in Economics with a rank of being among the top 10 in university or be it my masters with a rank of being the Second in University or be it my job in analytics.”

Snigdha Mukherjee
Mohit Bagla

Mohit completed MBA Finance under my guidance

“You built my concept in subjects like Accounts, Economics, Commerce and Business Studies. Presently, these subjects help me earn my bread and butter. So I have become strong & confident enough to an extent that I am handsomely paid for the same.”

About the Instructor - Siraj Bardhan

Siraj Bardhan, Co-founder of the True Pencil Academy

For long 20 years, it's been my passion to guide my students achieve their goals in the field of Economics & Finance. 

I teach with ​the help of practical real life scenarios to make the subjects interesting to my students and hence I have got hundreds of success stories of my students achieving big in Corporate Sectors and Research Fields under my guidance.

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